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4 Step Checklist After Buying a Dirt Bike

4 Step Checklist After Buying a Dirt Bike

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Nov 9th 2022

You just bought a dirt bike- now what? Whether you're new to the sport or have years of experience, you should go over everything to ensure you have what you need. While there are lots of things you'll need, use this checklist to make sure you are prepared for the most important ones.

1. Be Prepared to Haul It

You will need means of transportation for your new bike. Vehicle options might include a truck, van, or toy hauler. You may need to invest in ramps, especially if you will frequently load your bike by yourself. Trailers are a great option also. They can be open or enclosed. Enclosed trailers are beneficial for secure storage options and shelter from weather at the track. Trailers can be customized on websites like USA Cargo Trailer or purchase a used one locally. Make a decision based on your current vehicle, how many bikes you will be hauling and your budget. See more options and ideas for hauling here.

2. Purchase Essential Riding Gear

You will want to make sure you have all the essential riding gear. This includes: a helmet, long pants and a long sleeve shirt (preferably riding gear), boots that come over the ankle, goggles, chest protector, neck brace and other small accessories. The cost of gear can add up quickly, but all of it is important to have for safety. Look for sales, buy used or borrow gear from a friend if you are worried about the additional costs. Read more about essential gear on our other blog post

3. Look Into Insurance

Some people don't realize, but you can purchase insurance for your dirt bike just as you would a car. Insurance especially protects you if your bike is stolen. Similar to car insurance, there are options for how much coverage you would like. There are options for liability, medical coverage and physical damages. The price will change accordingly. Check with your current insurance company for options or get multiple quotes from other companies to compare. Prices can vary drastically between companies, so asking your friends about their coverage can also help you make the best decision.

4. Make it Look Good

The last step when buying a new dirt bike is to make it your own. Whether you bought new or used, you can customize your bike to your preferences. Aftermarket parts are a great place to start. Things like handlebars, colored grips, and seat covers will change the feel of your bike. Most importantly, grab some graphics to complete your look. Check out our blog about matching your graphics to your gear to be the best looking rider out there!

Follow these steps to make sure you are prepared for your newly purchased dirt bike. A bike can be a large investment and time commitment, so make sure you are prepared to transport, stay safe, and have fun!