How Thick And Durable Are These Graphics?

Our MX Graphics are 21 Mil thick for ultimate durability against harsh conditions. Our high-definition printing technology and aggressive adhesives guarantee that graphics stay where you put them and resist UV fading. Even though these graphics are thick; they're not rigid or difficult to install. You can easily pick up and reposition each individual graphic until you've got it just right. Once you've completed our easy installation, you'll have a smooth, bubble-free finished product.

How Fast Can I Have My Stuff?!?

We offer same-day shipping on all orders placed before 2 pm EST. Our standard shipping is 2-day air. If you are within the 1-day shipping range from Pittsburgh, PA, your kit will be shipped via UPS ground and will arrive the next day.
You can upgrade to overnight shipping if you:

• Have No Patience
• Procrastinate On Getting Your Kids' Number Plates Until Right Before The Big Race
• Make Last-Minute Plans With Friends And Want A Fresh Look.

Please note: Custom colors/logos require a proof, which will be provided within 1 business day. Once a customer gives final approval, the order will be shipped the same day.

What Kind Of Warranty Do You Offer On Your Products?

We provide a warranty that covers any material or manufacturing defects. You can contact us if you believe your graphics have a defect. We will replace the defective pieces. If you are having trouble with the installation process, please read our instructions and watch the Installation video. If you still have questions please contact us, and we will assist you further. Please do not send an email telling us we forgot to put adhesive on after you thought it was a good idea to install our graphics over grease or mud. To avoid these problems and many more, please drink responsibly during installation.

Do You Offer Complete Custom Kits?

At this time, we do not offer full custom designs. We can, however, customize any design currently listed on our website. Most of these kits already have custom options in the menu, allowing you to change the colors and upload logos right on our site. If you are looking for further customization options, we can also add a pattern (camo, leopard print, etc.) to one of our existing designs. Please contact us for custom requests. Once again, please drink responsibly before emailing and asking us to match another company's design for less money. Much like a drunk text, your message will be ignored.

What Is The Difference Between A Base Kit, Complete Kit, And Complete Kit With Rider. I.D.?

• Complete Kit comes with all of the pieces we offer for your bike, except for rim protectors, which are sold separately.
• Base Kit offers everything except a front number plate and side plates.
• Rider ID Kit is the same as a Complete Kit and includes your pre-printed name/number on the number plates.

The Rider ID Kit is the best value since the name/number are added for FREE.

I Chose Custom Logos, But My Logo Is Not In Your Database.

If we do not have the logo needed, you can reach out to the company you've chosen and request that their logo be sent to you directly (preferably as a vector file). Once you've received the company's logo, please email it to us by replying to your order confirmation. We must have the logo in the proper file format before we can begin working on your design. No, you cannot google the logo and simply convert it to a pdf. If it were that easy, we would do it for you. We are putting a company's logo on our graphics because you support them, so don't be that friend; do it right or don't do it at all.

Will Your Graphic Kits Make Me Faster?

In short, yes! When you look good and feel great about your bike, you go faster. Simple as that. Some customers claim that our graphics kits add 5-10 hp to their bikes. But, for all you fact checkers out there, no, we are not going to hire a scientist to independently verify these claims. You'll have to test them out for yourself.