Yamaha PW 50 Review

Yamaha PW 50 Review

Jan 25th 2023

For more than 40 years, kids have been enjoying dirt bikes and learning to ride like their parents, siblings, or other loved ones. Though the youngest of kids are far too small to ride the standard bike, the Yamaha PW 50 is the perfect size for them. It’s a great way to jump in and get started, the perfect way to learn as you go, and the best size for the smallest riders who are ready to get on the tracks and give it a go.

Introducing Motocross to Kids

Kids love being able to move. They love being able to be on the go, having adventures anywhere. While there are small electric cars designed just for kids, these aren’t usually meant for offroad adventures. Instead, for a kid that wants the speed, the jumps, and the fun of motocross, there are smaller dirt bikes available like the PW 50. This bike ends up perfect for beginners, as it can be set to slower speeds at first and increase as they gain more experience. It’s designed to be just their size, so they can feel more confident even if it’s their first time trying motocross.

The YZinger

In 1981, Yamaha wanted to reach out to younger potential riders, giving them a full dirt bike in a smaller package to enable them to start riding. The YZinger was created for younger motocross fans, those around five to eight years old, as a way to get started earlier. With everything the larger bike has, but in a smaller package, the YZinger was a hit. Now, it’s known as the PW 50 and though it has had some improvements over the years, it’s still the bike many pick for their kids who are ready to try. Though it wasn’t the first mini dirt bike available, it was the one that made it easier for the younger kids to give motocross a try.

Perfect Size for Smaller Riders

The PW 50 comes ready to use. It features a fully automatic gearbox, so there’s no need to shift. This makes it easier for the little riders to get used to when they give it a go. It also features a 49cc engine, with plenty of power but still small enough to not be intimidating on the first few rides. The seat height of the PW 50 is only 18.7 inches, so it’s low enough for the smallest riders to be able to put their feet down, making them feel more comfortable as they learn to ride. It’s perfect for the youngest beginners, giving them everything they need to build confidence as they go.

The PW 50 features a smaller engine that’s lighter and ready for take-off. It includes a digital CDI system that allows for a faster ignition and dual shocks to create a smoother ride. The entire bike is designed to be lightweight, preventing injuries when a crash does occur. Despite being designed to be lightweight and easy to use, it does have strong suspensions that are great for rugged terrains or tough roads as well as a high acceleration ability to get going in a hurry. Overall, the bike is designed with kids in mind and features many components that will make learning to ride a lot easier.

What to Be Aware Of

There are a couple of cons to be aware of with the PW 50. While it’s suitable for smaller kids, it is shorter and may be more difficult for taller kids to ride, even when they’re first starting out. It also includes an automatic transmission, which reduces the need for shifting gears. While this is perfect for the youngest of riders, it doesn’t offer them complete control over the bike. As they grow and learn, they may upgrade to a bike where they’ll need to shift gears, so that will be a skill to learn with the new bike.

Ready for Racing?

The Yamaha PW 50 wasn’t designed to be a racing bike. It was designed as a beginner bike, giving younger riders the confidence they need to learn and improve before getting a bigger bike. Yet, it has ended up being a fantastic bike to ride in motocross races. The youngest riders can use it with confidence in amateur races in the peewee class, giving them a little competition and allowing them to enjoy not only learning to ride but learning to race, as well. Even though it wasn’t designed for racing, it has ended up being the top bike of choice for the youngest riders who are ready to race.

If you’re ready to get your child or a younger sibling into motocross and dirt bikes, you can’t go wrong with the Yamaha PW 50. Designed to be the perfect beginner bike, it includes many features that make it easier for even the smallest riders to give it a try. Designed for ages five to eight, it’s the perfect bike to get started with and one that’s going to help them build confidence as they learn. Make sure to check out our site to find some graphics to go with your new PW 50.