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Round7: GNCC Racing this Weekend

Round7: GNCC Racing this Weekend

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on May 17th 2023

GNCC continues this weekend with the John Penton in Millfield, Ohio. This round is one of the longest running GNCC locations. It is held at Sunday Creek Raceway.

John Penton

This round is named after John Penton, who brought KTM bikes to the United States from Austria. He was a national champion enduro rider who helped develop off-road racing in the US. Penton started off on a Husqvarna, but decided it was too heavy and asked them to make a lightweight version. When Husqvarna refused, Penton turned to KTM for help with building his ideal bike. Within 10 years, more than 25,000 of his bike had been sold. During the 1960s and 70s, Penton was one of the most influential people for the development of racing. He helped form the modern racing we know today.

GNCC Round 7

Make sure to come to the John Penton GNCC race prepared to beat the weather. Ohio weather is unpredictable and can range from dry and dusty conditions to sticky mud. This course also features a motocross track for extra fun and a change of scenery. 

This round, Saturday will have ATV races all day long. Then, Stacyc and Specialized Turbo eMTB racing will be held in the evening. The Team Faith chapel service is also held Saturday nights. Sunday will be all the dirt bike racing. 

Millfield, Ohio

Millfield, Ohio is about 3.5 hours away from where we are located in Pittsburgh, PA. The area is very rural with limited dining and lodging options. Make sure to check out the GNCC website for recommendations beforehand. There are some dining options in nearby towns like Glouster and Athens. Of course, there will also be food vendors at the track as always.

Our Racers

Some of our sponsored racers will be attending the John Penton GNCC. Keep an eye out for our pro racers Ronnie Rusch and Cole Richardson. Make sure to check back to the blog and our Instagram for result updates on them and our other sponsored riders!

Reminder that you can watch this round online with Racer TV if you aren't attending!

The next GNCC round will be The Mason-Dixon held at Mathews Farm in Mount Morris, PA on June 3rd and 4th.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend whether its the John Penton or your local series! Tag us in your photos and let us know how you did!