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Riding Dirt Bikes on the Beach

Riding Dirt Bikes on the Beach

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Sep 13th 2023

As summer is winding down, we want to squeeze in dirt bike riding while the weather is still nice. Something you could do to end the summer is go riding on the beach! Many of us head to beaches anyways in the summer, so why not include your favorite pastime?! Keep reading for where dirt bike riding in the sand is allowed.

Beaches for Riding

1. Oregon Dunes Recreation Area

This park in Reedsport, Oregon features huge sand dunes that are up to 500 feet above sea level. It has designated trails for riding all motorized vehicles. Make sure to check out the link for more information on where riding is allowed, as there are specific areas for it as a safety precaution. A permit is required for riding here.

This location also offers camping. The camping area is accessible by 4x4 only and requires reservations. Make sure to do so in advance, as this is a popular area!

2. Silver Lake Dunes, Lake Michigan

This riding location is in Silver Lake State Park in Michigan. It also welcomes all vehicles, but a permit is required. You'll also need a recreation passport if you dirt bike does not already have a license plate. These are available for purchase at the park for $13.

Make sure to read over all rules before entering the park. An orange flag attached to your dirt bike is required. There are also age restrictions, required equipment, and other rules such as no alcohol and stay within the designated riding areas.

Camping is allowed at the state park, but a reservation is required. Spots can book as far as 6 months in advance and fill quickly, so be sure to plan ahead. There are campsites, cabins and hotels.

3. Daytona Beach

Daytona beach, Florida is another place where you could ride a dirt bike on the sand. The beach is open for driving from 8am to 7pm or sunrise to sunset (whichever is earlier). It is important to watch for people and wildlife here, as there are no designated trails for riding. 

You must have a beach pass for Volusia county. Make sure to pay careful attention to the areas where driving is allowed. Vehicles are not permitted on some areas of the beach because of untouched dune habitats with high concentrations of turtle nests. 

Daytona offers camp sites as well as places to park RVs and campers. There's also a wide range of hotels to choose from. Keep in mind that these areas can get costly during peak season, especially during Bike Week in March.

Tips for Beach Riding

The most important tip for beach riding is to double check riding is allowed before going. Make sure to do research online and/or call beforehand. It is best to ask, especially if you are unsure if the area permits riding. 

When riding on the beach, make sure to follow the rules. Most beaches that allow riding have speed limits and set areas where vehicles are allowed. It is important to be cautious- watch for pedestrians and wildlife. Riding early in the morning can help avoid crowds. Follow the rules to avoid any trouble and ensure riding will continue to be allowed.

After you find where you are going to ride, take the right supplies with you. The beach can get very hot in the open sun, so make sure to pack drinks or a Camelback to stay hydrated. You'll also want to make sure you have enough fuel and a GPS or map to avoid getting lost.

Finally, do research on how riding a dirt bike on the beach can differ from the race track. Sand is a different texture than dirt or mud, so you will need to adjust accordingly. You will need to remove air from your tires to counteract the sand. Go slow at first until you get the hang of it for everyone's safety.

It is always fun to try out new places to ride! Riding a dirt bike on the beach can be a fun, new experience when done correctly. Start planning your next adventure today!