Material Options for Graphics

Material Options for Graphics

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Feb 1st 2023

Did you know we recently added more finish options for our graphics? Check out our newest creations that will make your bike stand out. 

Base Options

We are using Substance X1 , the leading print media for motocross and powersports application. It offers aggressive adhesion and FLO-technology that eliminates bubbles and reduces installation times. 

The base of your graphics is what we print on. We use only the best materials, made in the USA for better quality control. Before, the only option was standard but we have added chrome and holographic options. 

  • Standard 
    • Our standard vinyl is white and your design is printed over top. This is what we previously used on all kits. 
  • Chrome
    • Chrome vinyl offers a mirror-like effect. This material is printable, meaning we can print any color over top. However, anything that is white in the design will show chrome. For example, in the picture below, all the chrome is white in the picture on the website.
  • Holographic 
    • Holographic vinyl is very similar to chrome except it has a rainbow effect as well as the mirror look. Just like the chrome, we can print any color over top- but anything that is white in the design will show through as holographic.

Laminate Options

For laminate, we are using Substance Ultracurve 1500 that offers 15 MIL thickness. It is the industry-leading overlaminate. We have different options now:

  • Gloss
    • Gloss is the standard, shiny finish. We use this most often.
  • Matte
    • Matte is a flat, dull finish. We previously only offered this on a few designs.
  • Metallic flake
    • Metallic is our newest laminate option. This adds glitter to the laminate for just the right amount of sparkle.

You can mix and match any of the base options with the laminates. These combinations include:

  • White base with gloss (standard)
  • White base with matte
  • White base with metallic
  • Chrome base with gloss (PICTURED BELOW WITH MERICA)
  • Chrome base with matte
  • Chrome base with metallic
  • Holographic base with gloss
  • Holographic base with matte
  • Holographic base with metallic

We are updating to allow you to order these options straight from the site. You can check out our options with exampl pictures here. You'll also notice we are adding more pictures and content to the website as we go! Our goal is to add enough details and information to improve the customer's experience when ordering.  

Same as before, unless your order includes custom colors or logos, we will print it right away. If you would like a proof otherwise, make sure to ask in the notes! We can give you a preview of how your kit will look with holographic or chrome upon request.

All orders will ship within 1 business day (once approved for custom orders, of course)! We offer free 2 day shipping, but expedited options are available. You will receive proofs for custom work within 1 business day also!

We can't wait to see what combinations you come up with!