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Ken Block: A Racing Champion

Ken Block: A Racing Champion

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Jan 4th 2023

Ken Block was a pro rally driver from Long Beach, California. He is best known for his association with Hoonigan Racing Division (formerly Monster World Rally Team) and DC shoes.

Ken's Life

Ken grew up in Long Beach, California with an interest in skateboarding and dirt bike riding. However, he wanted to be an architect and took to drawing. He quickly realized the job wasn't as appealing as he expected. 

Ken quit his job and moved to Colorado to pursue his interest in snowboarding, befriending locals along the way. After realizing he wanted more, Ken moved back to California to return to design school. There, he met Damon Way and they began selling clothing to snowboard shops in Colorado.

Eventually, these adventures led to the creation of DC shoes in 1994. By 1995, DC brought in $7 million in sales. The success of DC shoes skyrocketed Block's status and brought him famous friends like Travis Pastrana. 

Ken married his wife Lucy in 2004. Although she has stayed out of the spotlight over the years, she is a rally car driver too. She is also an entrepreneur with her own restaurant, Lucy's Kitchen. They have 3 children together, but only their oldest daughter Lia has been shown to the public eye. 


After he gained fame from DC Shoes, Ken Block entered rally racing through the influence of Travis Pastrana. He trained at O'neal's rally school and grew a lifelong love for the sport. Since his rally car career started in 2005, Ken has won over 25 national rallies and 5 X-Games medals. Year after year, Ken and his team saw improvements and gained sponsorships with huge companies like Subaru, Ford and Monster Energy. 

In 2015, he switched his priorities to his other successful company, Hoonigan. Hoonigan is a race team and recognizable lifestyle brand. Even people who don't know the company have most likely seen their stickers across a windshield at some point. 

Ken became an inspiration to everyone, showing that he made himself successful through his passion for extreme sports.


Ken Block was an icon for the rally sports world and had a broad social media audience. Ken had a special way of branding and marketing himself in order to be successful and gain support. He set himself apart from other drivers by showing his skills on the street as well as on the racetrack. 

Ken started the Gymkhana videos in 2008 to show off having fun with extreme sports. These videos started even before YouTube was a main source of media. Each video gained Ken more views and followers. Watch and read more about his videos here.

Most recently, Ken is known for his presence on YouTube. He created videos in series to keep viewers coming back. Check out his YouTube channel here that has over 2 million subscribers from around the world.

Unfortunately, Ken passed away in a snowmobile accident on January 2, 2023 at age 55 near his home in Utah. His legacy is remembered through his well-known, successful companies and positive impact on fans.

“I grew up, no matter what I did, trying to have as much fun as I possibly could.” - Ken Block