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5 Dirt Bike Related Products to Make Your Life Easier

5 Dirt Bike Related Products to Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Oct 26th 2022

There are tons of dirt bike parts and accessories out there, some required and others just for fun. The following 5 products aren't necessary but will make your life so much easier when riding or racing.

#1 GoPro Camera

The GoPro is a small camera that can be mounted to your helmet or bike. It is waterproof to protect it from mud, trees and anything else that might get on it. The newest camera is the HERO11, which features automatic highlight videos, Hyper Smooth stabilization (which is perfect for riding), and a cold-weather Enduro battery. You can purchase it here for $400.

A helmet cam is great to have because you can go back and watch your race or ride. This can be especially helpful for seeing where you may need to improve. They are a great addition for people who are interested in starting a YouTube or Tiktok account about dirt bikes too. 

#2 Palm Savers

Palm Savers are covers for your hands that are worn under riding gloves to prevent blisters. It is common for blisters to develop on your hands when riding a dirt bike, so these are great for saving you some pain. They work by reducing the amount of vibration. Palm Savers can help prevent arm pump too, because you won't have to grip as tightly. This product is super low cost, and you can buy them here.

#3 Hydration Packs

Hydration packs are backpacks that have a bladder inside for holding liquids. It has a long tube for you to drink out of. These are very useful when riding or racing to stay hydrated without having to stop. Many riders prefer the name brand Camelbak, but stores like Target and Walmart also carry other cheaper brands. There are specific packs for men, women and children. They are easy to find, cheap and very helpful. 

#4 SC1

SC1 is a high gloss coating that protects the surfaces it's sprayed on. It can be used on things like plastic, carbon fiber, rubber and vinyl. Racers use it to make the clean-up process easier. If you spray SC1 on your tires before a muddy race, it will stop the mud from being caked on. When you wash your bike later on, the mud will fall off easily rather than having to scrape it. This product saves you a lot of time and protects your dirt bike in the process. SC1 can be purchased online here or at many local dealerships. It's affordable at around $13.99 per can.

#5 PitPosse Trailer Products

If you use an enclosed trailer to haul your dirt bike, PitPosse makes a variety of products for organization. They offer shelves for arranging tires, tools, gas jugs and more. Keeping your trailer organized saves you time because everything you need will be easily accessible. 

There's a chance local dealerships will carry PitPosse products, but you could also order online. The products are fairly affordable, ranging from around $15 to $300 depending what you're looking for.

While these 5 products aren't essential when owning a dirt bike, they can help out and make things easier.