10 Gift Ideas for Dirt Bike Riders

10 Gift Ideas for Dirt Bike Riders

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Oct 25th 2023

The holiday season is coming up quick. Buying gifts can be difficult. Most riders already have the basic things they need such as gear, boots and helmets. Keep reading for unique gift ideas for the dirt bike rider in your life! 

  1. Graphics, Obviously.
    1. We might be a little biased, but we think dirt bike graphics would be a great gift. Whether you decide to go with a standard base or complete kit, add a name and/or number for a rider id kit, or completely customize- we have the perfect graphics for everyone! We can also customize further if you email us at support@sengegraphics.com.
  2. Banner
    1. Banners are another option for a rider gift. We typically do a few sizes: 48"x36", 48" x120", or 52"x120". The 48"x120" is a good size if you are looking to hang it up on an E-Z up tent or on the side of your trailer. 
    2. The banners can be customized for your rider. We will just need 2-3 high quality images to use. We can also list your sponsors and add their name and number. 
  3. Stickers
    1. General stickers are another perfect gift idea. If you want to use your own design, you can order from our amazon storefront here. You can upload your own artwork, then choose from a bunch of different materials and laminates as well as shapes and sizes.
    2. We can also create a deign for you. Something like these rider id custom sheets would be a great option!
  4. Custom Jersey
    1. Custom riding jerseys are another gift idea. Most people choose to add the rider's name and number on the back. Motosport.com has custom jersey options on their website. They offer to add the name and number for $24.99 (in addition to the cost of the jersey itself) and most orders ship same day!
  5. Tool Set
    1. Dirt bike riders are always working on their bikes. Bikes require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Any type of tool kit would be helpful. Ask other riders for recommendations if you are completely unsure. 
    2. Check out this article from Risk Racing about the most commonly used tools for dirt bikes.
  6. Stand
    1. Most riders prefer to have a dirt bike stand. Even if they already have one, it never hurts to have an extra or a fancier one. 
    2. You could go for a cheaper, basic stand like this one from Harbor Freight or an adjustable one like this from Amazon.
  7. Gear Bag
    1. Dirt bike gear bags are nice to have to organize everything. If everything is in one bag, it's less likely the rider will forget something. They are also fairly inexpensive, like this O'neal one from Cycle Gear's website.
  8. Pressure Washer
    1. Pressure washers are essential for washing a dirt bike after a race. They make cleanup so much faster and easier. They are also more effective than just using a hose, which will ensure the longevity of parts. 
    2. There are many options when it comes to pressure washers, so it might be best to check with the rider to see which they prefer before buying, or make sure it can be returned or exchanged.
  9. Bluetooth Speaker
    1. Whether it's for while they're working on the bike or sitting at the race track, any dirt bike rider is sure to appreciate a Bluetooth speaker. 
    2. Any speaker would most likely be fine. They vary widely in prices, so research before you buy. Personally, we use a JBL speaker here while we're working on cutting out your graphics.
  10. Magazine Subscription 
    1. While many people do their reading online now, some people still enjoy reading magazines too. Kids especially would be likely to enjoy a magazine subscription. 
    2. Dirt Bike Magazine is the most popular option!

There are endless possibilities for gifts for dirt bike riders. We hope these 10 gifts ideas help you decide the next time you need to buy a gift for one!

Remember to contact us at support@sengegraphics with any questions regarding graphics, banners or stickers! We will help bring whatever you're looking for to life.