New KTM Dirt Bikes

New KTM Dirt Bikes

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Jun 5th 2024

Recently, we've been checking out all the new dirt bikes for 2024 as well as the ones coming out for 2025. Today we're going to dive into KTM's most recent updates with their dirt bikes.

New Dirt Bikes

Buying a new dirt bike will almost always be more expensive than a used one. What is the reason for buying a brand new dirt bike? A new bike is likely to have a warranty to help with any problems you may encounter. The bike will also be in great condition off the showroom floor. Newer bikes are typically easier to find parts for as well. 

The downside to buying new over used is that is will be more expensive up front. You may also want to add aftermarket parts which will also increase the cost, whereas a used bike might already have those parts you're looking for.

New KTM Bikes for 2024/2025

  • KTM E2
    • This bike was new for the 2024 race season. It is an electric bike meant to be a step in between balance bikes and gas dirt bikes. 

  • KTM SX 50
    • The SX 50 got a makeover for 2024 and 2025 with all new plastics. It looks much closer to the bigger bikes, and has an edgy, sporty look.

  • KTM SX 65
    • The SX 65 also received updated plastics. It looks very similar to the 50.

    • These enduro models have been updated to the newer plastics also (the MX models were updated to the same style in 2023). While these bikes all look the same, they each have their own special specs that make them different. Make sure to check out the KTM website or a local dealership when deciding which bike would work best for you.

  • KTM XW-F (500 and 350)
    • This is a new model for the 2024 season. It claims to have " 250-like agility but 450-like power."

We are currently working to create our designs across the board on the new templates for these bikes. Whenever a new bike comes out, we have to get the template for it. Then, we create all of our designs, and possibly add new ones too. We also have to update the year ranges on the website and in the files we work from. This process takes a while, as we try to make sure everything is organized and correct.

Until then, we will create the kits as our customers order them. Therefore, they are not on our website yet. If you need to order for any of these new dirt bikes, make sure to mention it in the notes of your order! Another option would be to email us at and customer service will help you from there!

Make sure to check back to the blog weekly as we continue to keep you updated with local races, motocross news and dirt bike updates!