Local Racing 2024

Local Racing 2024

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Feb 7th 2024

It's almost time! Race season is quickly approaching, so you'll want to stay in the loop when it comes to dates. This blog will include the schedule for GNCC, AWRCS and PAMX. All these series are local to where we are located in Pittsburgh, PA.

GNCC is the Grand National Cross Country series. They travel the East coast of the US from February until October. GNCC has been the biggest series around since the 1990s. You will even find live steams of the races on RacerTV. They offer racing for ATVs, dirt bikes and stacycs.

  • February 17/18- Big Buck in Union, SC
  • March 2/3- Wild Boar in Palatka, FL
  • March 8/10- The General in Washington, GA
  • March 23/24- Camp Coker Bullet in Society Hill, SC
  • April 13/14- The Old Gray in Monterey, TN
  • April 27/28- Hoosier in Crawfordville, IN
  • May 11/12- Powerline Park in St. Clairsville, OH
  • June 1/2- Mason Dixon in Mount Morris, PA
  • June 22/23- Snowshoe in Snowshoe, WV
  • August 31/September 1- Buckwheat 100 in Newburg, WV
  • September 28/29- The John Penton in Millfield, OH
  • October 26/27- Ironman in Crawfordsville, IN

Our next local series is AWRCS. They offer racing for ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs and stacycs. AWRCS mainly sticks to Pennsylvania and Ohio racing, and new locations have been added to this year's lineup. 

  • April 6/7- Redbank in New Bethlehem, PA
  • May 4/5- Coal Hollow in Wellsville, OH
  • May 25/26- The Coal Miner in Kittanning, PA
  • June 8/9- The Hog Huner II in Titusville, PA 
  • June 29/30- Reynlow Riders in Reynoldsville, PA
  • July 13/14- Powerline Park in St. Clairsville, OH
  • August 3/4- Back to School in Clintonville, PA 
  • August 24/25- The Forest in Sigel, PA
  • September 21/22- Ben Franklin Range in Templeton, PA
  • October 12/13- Rock Run in Patton, PA

If you're more into motocross racing than hare scramble, check out PAMX. The following is their schedule for the 2024 spring championship.

  • March 24- Doublin Gap
  • April 13/14- Tomahawk
  • April 21- High Point
  • April 28- Pleasure Valley
  • May 18/19- Pleasure Valley 
  • June 9- Mapleshade
  • July 16- Pleasure Valley
  • July 21- Promisedland 

Make sure you're prepared for the new 2024 race season. Check out our previous blog about race preparations too! Order a set of fresh graphics too!