Kids Dirt Bike Clothing Brands

Kids Dirt Bike Clothing Brands

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on May 22nd 2024

Everyone loves buying cute kids clothes. As motocross families, it is exciting when we find clothing with dirt bike related designs. Keep reading for kids clothing companies that offer dirt bike items!

Strictly Wild Co

Strictly Wild Co is a kids clothing brand that specifically focuses on motocross families. It was created by 2 moto moms who were looking to create a brand based on the love of racing.

Strictly Wild offers dirt bike related clothing for the whole family. They have baby sizes up to adult.

From pajamas to rompers or backpacks and Croc charms, they have it all. There's also a line of swimsuits for summer and toddler size riding jerseys!

photo credit to Strictly Wild

They also have a blog like we do, check it out here.

Little Trouble

Little Trouble features a good amount of dirt bike related kids clothing. This company was created in 2020 by a couple when looking for cool clothes for their son. 

Little Trouble also offers kids sizes up to adult. There is something for the whole family whether it's dirt bike related or just something cool. Anyone with a boy knows it's hard to find cute boys' clothing, so this is the place to find it. There's hats, hoodies, shirts and more.

photo credit to Little Trouble

Dream Big Little Co

While Dream Big Little Co isn't as focused on racing as the other 2 companies mentioned, they do have a handful of dirt bike related designs. 

This company was created in 2016 by a mom who was inspired to pursue her dreams. In 2022, they started offering bamboo items and have taken off from there.

Dream Big Little Co also offers other items such as crib sheets. Check out the dirt bike related ones here. You'll also find things like blankets, bibs and loveys with their dirt bike pattern.

photo credit to Dream Big Little Co

Of course here at Senge Graphics we have a love for motocross racing, and most of us are also parents. We love when we can find kids clothing related to dirt bikes and racing, so we love the idea of the brands above. Buying from them is also supporting small businesses like us!

Check back to the blog every Wednesday for more information like this as well as race and design updates.