All New KTM SX-E2

All New KTM SX-E2

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Jan 24th 2024

Electric dirt bikes are becoming more and more popular. We've seen almost every brand come out with electric options. One of the newest bikes is the KTM SX-E2. Keep reading for more information on KTM's newest electric dirt bike.

After KTM's success with the SX-E3 and SX-E5 in 2023, they are introducing the E2 for 2024. This bike is perfect for younger kids, as it is lightweight and low maintenance. There are no extra parts like chains or sprockets, meaning less upkeep and less weight. This makes the E2 a great option for younger kids who are just learning how to maneuver a bike.

It has a water resistant Lithium-ion battery (similar to a tool battery) making it equipped for riding outdoors. The battery takes about an hour to fully charge, but there is always the option of having a backup to switch out in order to keep on riding.

The seat on this bike is adjustable, making it perfect for small, growing kids. It will be suitable for longer because when your child grows, you have the option to raise the seat. The brake levers are also adjustable for smaller hands.

Ideally, this bike is a great step up (or alternative) to a Stacyc bike. KTM suggests going from the KTM Stacyc 12e to the SX-E2 to the SX-E3. The Stacyc and the E2 are similar, but the SX-E2 provides more of a dirt bike experience. The throttle even has vibrations to mimic a gas powered dirt bike. For added safety, there is also a rollover sensor that shuts the bike off in the event of a crash.

Electric dirt bikes are on the rise, but there are some things to consider before making the switch from a traditional dirt bike:

  • E-bikes come with a bigger price tag. 
    • However, you will be saving money by not buying gas or as many parts.
  • Short battery life-span. 
    • The solution could be to purchase multiple batteries for non-stop fun.
  • In the even your bike does need maintenance, it can be costly.
    • The amount you saved from gas and parts could make up for this.
  • Finding classes to race can be difficult. Since electric bikes are still newer, some series don't exactly have classes that are the perfect fit. 
    • You could check into different races in the area and make sure there is a place for your bike. If there isn't, talk to them about adding one!
    • Might be better for kids who are just starting to learn how to ride and don't plan on racing.

Before buying an electric dirt bike, consider these factors. If you are looking for a bike for your child to learn on with easy maintenance, the SX-E2 might be the perfect option!

To check out the SX-E2 more in depth, watch this video.

While it is not on our website yet, we do have templates for the E2 and we have started making the designs. Message us at to order!