Why Should You Get Graphics for Your Dirt Bike?

Why Should You Get Graphics for Your Dirt Bike?

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Feb 22nd 2023

Why are dirt bike graphics important? While graphics make your bike look better, there are other reasons for adding them too. Graphics will protect your plastics, help you stand out in the crowd, allow you to promote brands, and boost your confidence.  

  1. Protecting Your Plastics
    1. Adding graphics will help protect your plastics. They can protect brand new plastics from getting scratched. Even if you have old ones, graphics will help protect from further damage. This is especially helpful with hare scramble racing because the trees and thorns are rough on plastics. 
    2. Our graphics are 22 MIL overall thickness, which is thick enough to withstand dirt and scratches. They are also fade resistant for up to 8 years. 
  2. Helps You Stand Out from Others
    1. Graphics are obviously great for looks too. Since all bikes look the same coming from the factory, it is helpful to add custom graphics to set yourself apart. 
    2. You can customize your graphics with colors and logos. A new option we added is different materials, for even more customization! Mix and match vinyl bases and laminates for a graphics kit that is unique to you. We now have white (standard), chrome and holographic vinyl bases and gloss (standard), matte and metallic laminates. Compare our material options here
      1. You also have options for the amount of coverage you want. A base kit is everything except number plates, a complete kit is full coverage, or we have the option for number plates only.
  3. Promote Your Favorite Brands and Sponsors
    1. Dirt bike graphics are also important for representing your favorite brands or sponsors. Some sponsorships require you to display their brand on your bike, so this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Choose custom logos when ordering on our website to add yours. You will receive a proof via text or email within 1 business day! All orders ship within 1 business day once approved. 
  4. Boosts Your Confidence 
    1. If your bike looks good, you are going to feel good. That confidence boost is just what you need to win the race! A great-looking bike also motivates you to keep it in top shape, allowing you to do better. 

Check out this helpful article from Motocross Advice that talks about graphics and features some of ours!

Order some graphics today from our website to customize and protect your ride! We have options for dirt bikesATVssnowmobilesside by sides and Stacyc bikes. Message us if you don't see what you're looking for- we might have it!