Small Business Series- Motoworld

Small Business Series- Motoworld

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Jul 10th 2024

In our small business blog series, we are going to feature local dirt bike related business near where we are located in Pittsburgh, PA! On this week's blog, we will be talking about Motoworld Transport & Service located right here in Pittsburgh.


Motoworld is owned and operated by Max Heresco from Pittsburgh, PA. His company offers transportation services as well as dirt bike maintenance and race prep. Max races dirt bikes himself and also attends our local race series AWRCS, which will be featured as part of our featured small businesses later on.

Do you race GNCC? Some of those races are really far from Pennsylvania. Motoworld offers transportation services that can be great for far away races, such as the GNCC in Palatka, Florida. They will haul your dirt bike for you, allowing you to fly in without worrying or having to make the long drive. This is a great option for those who do not want to make the extremely long road trip. 

Motoworld also offers bike servicing. Whether you want full race prep or basic maintenance- they can help. We know sometimes it can be challenging to find time in between races to work on your bike, so this could be the perfect solution! Message or call them today for more information. 

Every racer has experienced a race with bad luck- you show up to the race track and something is wrong with your bike. This could be the solution! Motoworld is at AWRCS races for trackside support to assist with your needs right there at the event.

Recently, Motoworld has teamed up with Maritn MX school for a chance to win a free lesson! Get your tires changed at the Motoworld tent during the AWRCS Powerline Park race for a chance to win! Check out their Facebook pages for more information.

Max's dirt bike race team gets their graphics kits from us. We worked with him to create a custom kit that can be tailored to each of his riders' needs. For each person, we put the design on whatever bike they need and change the colors and/or logos to their liking. This allows them to get a custom kit that is unique to them, while still suiting the rest of the team! Have a team you'd like to get matching kits for? Message us at


This is your reminder that we don't only do dirt bike graphics here at Senge- we also do custom stickers, banners and yard signs! We've also worked with Motoworld to create custom stickers for them to hand out to customers. Stickers are a great way to promote your business in place of regular old business cards! They are also great for boosting brand recognition or to give your products and packaging a professional, finished look. 

For stickers, you can message us at, text us at 412-275-4321 (text only; we do not take phone calls) or order directly from our Amazon listing here. We also offer sample packs of our materials on Amazon so you can see what might work best for you! 

Stay tuned as we continue to post weekly dirt bike related blogs! We will keep discussing dirt bike related businesses, events and general news every Wednesday!