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Kids' Electric Dirt Bikes: A New Option

Kids' Electric Dirt Bikes: A New Option

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Dec 28th 2022

We've all heard of electric cars, but did you know there are also electric dirt bikes? While electric dirt bikes can come with a hefty price tag, the benefits for long-term might be appealing to you, and more specifically- your kids. They've been around for a while, but haven't been heavily marketed until recently. Keep reading for more information on the newest dirt bike options.

Brands You'll Recognize

A few of the traditional brands have came out with children's electric dirt bikes including: KTMHusqvarna, and Gas Gas. (And of course, we have graphics for all of them).

  • KTM
    • KTM has the SX-E5 and the SX-E3 as electric options.
    • The SX-E5 is an alternative to the 50cc engine. It has a battery powered, air cooled engine that is also dust and waterproof, limiting the amount of maintenance needed. This bike features adjustable heights and different ride modes to customize your child's experience. The base price is $5,499.
    • The SX-E3 is similar to the E5, but with a more user-friendly package. It is a better option for beginners. The base price is $4,999.
  • Husqvarna
    • Husky offers the EE 5, which is adjustable, making it perfect for young riders. A lithium ion battery powers the motor. It also features different ride modes as well as a roll-over sensor that shuts the bike off in the event of a crash. The base price is $5,499.
  • Gas Gas
    • Gas Gas offers the MC E-5 and the MC E-3 as electric options.
    • The MC E-5 is comparable to the SX E-5. It's great for learning, but also a strong option for a race bike as it offers up to 2 hours of ride time. Just as the other brands, this bike is adjustable. The base price is $5,199.
    • The MC E-3 is comparable to the SX E-3. It's easy to ride and a great option for beginners. The base price is $4,699.

Benefits of Riding Electric

Even though it seems like the electric bikes come with a heavy price tag compared to their traditional gas alternatives there are benefits in the long run that can make the up-front expense worth it. 

  • Saves you money on gas
    • This comes without saying, but you will save money by not having to buy gas when owning an electric bike. You'll also save on things like oil and coolant that are not needed with electric.
  • Extremely quiet, offering you more places to ride without disturbing anyone
    • When compared to a traditional gas powered bike, electric ones are very quiet. That being said, this broadens the area you could ride in because you won't have to worry about disturbing neighbors with noisy bikes. 
  • Less maintenance 
    • Because these bikes are built simpler and have less parts, there is virtually less maintenance to be done. The motor will not require oil changes and tune ups like gas powered ones. 
  • Option to swap batteries to keep riding 
    • Unlike cars, dirt bike batteries can be swapped out to continue riding immediately. Most of the batteries only take about an hour for a full recharge.
  • Better for the environment 
    • Electric dirt bikes don't have emissions like gas powered ones do, making them an eco-friendly option and reducing your carbon footprint. 
  • Eliminates the need for kick start
    • Getting the hang of the kick-start can be difficult for some kids, especially when just starting out. The electric bikes eliminate the need for this, giving kids the confidence boost needed to operate their bike.

Concerns of Electric Dirt Bikes

While the idea of electric dirt bikes seems appealing, there are also some concerns to consider. 

  • Worrying about Water
    • While a lot of the electric dirt bikes claim to be waterproof, they are still more sensitive to water than their gas alternatives. It's best to be careful not to submerge them completely, which can cause an issue for things like creek crossing in hare scramble racing. This can be a pricey fix in the event that water damages the electric parts.
  • Upfront cost
    • Even though you may save money in the long run from less maintenance and not buying gas or parts, the up front cost of an electric bike is more than the gas version. This is a huge factor to consider when switching over to electric. 
  • Availability
    • With all the craziness of shortages around us, it's also fair to be concerned about the availability of electric dirt bikes. While you won't need as many parts, they might be hard to come by in the event that you do. With electric dirt bikes being a newer option, some might also be concerned about reliability.

Electric dirt bikes can be a great option for youth riders. Not only are the ones mentioned adjustable, but they also offer ride modes for a more personalized experience. There are pros and cons to riding electric, so make the right decision for you!