GNCC Round 4- Camp Coker Bullet

GNCC Round 4- Camp Coker Bullet

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Mar 27th 2024

GNCC Round 4 was held at Moree's Sportsman Reserve in Society Hill, South Carolina. GNCC has been racing there since 2016 and it has become a favorite. The Camp Coker Motocross Facility located there hosted many races including AMA District 29 and Loretta Lynn Qualifiers. 

Events at the Track

The property is known for having many activities besides racing, such as fishing and swimming. It's an all around fun experience for racers and their families.

Saturday was ATV racing as well as Micro dirt bikes, ePeeWee and Brown's RV fishing tournament. There was also the Team Faith chapel service and a Supercross watch party near the finish line. Sunday featured youth and adult dirt bikes.


Our sponsored pro ATV rider Ronnie Rusch grabbed 9th!

Here's how Yamaha Pro Am did for the dirt bike side of things:

  • Liam Draper- 3rd in XC 2- 250 Pro
  • Bubz Tasha- 8th in 250A
  • Ricky Russell- 6th in XC1 Open Pro
  • Michael Delosa- 5th in 250A
  • Jordan "JJ" Jarvis- 7th in WXC 

Great job to everyone who raced!

What's Next?

GNCC Round 5 will be the Old Gray located in Monterey, Tennessee on April 13th and 14th. There isn't much information on the GNCC site for this round yet, so make sure to check back in order to plan. Or check out the venue's website directly: The Old Gray

The schedule will be the usual: ATVs and micro dirt bikes on Saturday. As well as ePeeWee and the Team Faith chapel service. Sunday will hold youth and adult dirt bikes.

Remember to tune into RacerTV to watch the races live if you aren't attending!

Liam Draper at Round 4