Fasst Flexx Bars vs ATV Four Play Bars

Fasst Flexx Bars vs ATV Four Play Bars

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on May 10th 2023

There are many options for handlebars when it comes to your ATV. Some popular options are the Fasst Flexx bars and the ATV Fourplay bars. Everyone has preferences when it comes to their bike. Keep reading to learn the differences and see if either bars would work for you!

Handlebars are an essential part of racing. They house the essential equipment for your bike such as the brake levers and handguards. They are a main point of contact between you and the machine, so you want bars that will be comfortable enough for your entire race. 

The type of riding or racing you do plays a big part in what bars and settings for them you want. Read more in this article about setting up handlebars. 

Flexx Bars

Fasst Company's Flexx bars are a popular option for ATV riders. You'll find pros like our sponsored rider Cole Richardson using these bars. They are advertised as "tunable suspension for your hands." These bars are adjustable and customizable for your specific needs while drastically reducing vibrations. They help reduce fatigue and arm pump, allowing you to stay alert. Less fatigue means you can stay focused on racing and have better results, rather than trying to hang on. This is especially helpful for long and bumpy hare scramble races such as GNCC.

The Flexx bars come in a variety of colors for the bar pad. As you know, we love having color options and being able to match bike accessories to your gear and graphics! 

Fasst also offers bars for dirt bikes, dual sport bikes, and now mountain bikes too (including e-bikes)!

We checked out the reviews for Fasst Flexx bars on their website as well as other forums. The consensus is in- people are loving their Flexx bars! Most reviews we found are positive and the riders had major improvements with comfort when racing. Read more about them here!

ATV Four Play Bars

ATV Four Play bars are the same concept as the Flexx bars. However, this brand is lesser known. Their soft bars work in a similar fashion, as they bend and flex to reduce the amount of vibrations when riding. 

These bars don't come in many color options like the Flexx bars. When we checked the website, we only saw a black bar pad available. 

ATV Four Play sells a variety of other items for ATVs and UTVs. This could be a great option if you are looking to get handlebars as well as other parts all from the same place. 

When we looked for reviews, it was a little tougher to find customers' thoughts. However, what we did find were positive reviews. Check out this video review for more information on the ATV Four Play Soft Bars. We also like that this company is a local, small business. Check out their website!

Overall, Fasst Flexx bars and the ATV Four Play bars are similar and serve the same purpose. Testing out both kinds would be the best way to figure out what is best for you. Going to a dealership or finding a friend who owns them to try out could be a great way to do this!