Dirt Bikes and Coffee

Dirt Bikes and Coffee

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Jul 3rd 2024

66% of Americans drink coffee every day. Most of us here at Senge Graphics are part of that percentage. As designers, we need caffeine to function. 

Coffee shops and companies are becoming more and more popular. So what's that have to do with dirt bikes? Keep reading to find out more about how one coffee company is making a difference in the dirt bike community. 

Moto Coffee

Moto Coffee  is an online coffee company who donates portions of the profit to injured dirt bike riders, trail stewardship and education initiatives. It was founded by Luke Thorikildsen, Alex Kirts and Mark Hennings.

These guys took their love of coffee and dirt bikes and combined them to give back to the riding community. They want to protect trails, help riders recover from accidents, and educate people on dirt bikes in general. They are based out of California, where 2-strokes are considering being banned. Read more about California bike laws here

This company also wants to stand up against trail closures. It's a known problem in many states, including where we are in Pennsylvania, that trails are closing and being banned. This is a huge problem for all dirt bike lovers. Of course, this is a cause we can get behind! It is important for the racing community to have safe designated places to ride and practice. 


Currently, Moto Coffee has 1 type of coffee, Full Send, available on their website. It says it is a "dark roast with a bold flavor, and incredibly smooth finish." It is small-batch, artisan roasted and responsibly sourced. The packaging is also pretty cool, with a cartoon dirt bike. We checked out the reviews and they appear to be pretty great!

You'll also find some apparel on their site like shirts, hoodies and hats. 

Social Media

You can find Moto Coffee on social media here:

Looking for a new coffee to try? As dirt bike lovers, we can all agree this coffee company is backing a great cause. Support small business and try this one out today! We plan on doing the same!

Check back to the blog for more dirt bike related content, reviews and links to other dirt bike related businesses!