Cost Effective Kids Dirt Bikes

Cost Effective Kids Dirt Bikes

Posted by marissa Fajbik on Jun 26th 2024

Everyone knows that racing is not a cheap hobby- whether it's dirt bikes, ATVs, side by sides or anything in between. Even for kids, the cost of racing adds up quick. However, there are some cheaper dirt bike options for kids. Keep reading for youth size dirt bikes under $5,000.


  • 2024 CX 50 SR- $4,895
  • 2024 CX 50 JR- $4,688


  • 2024 CRF 110- $2,699
  • 2024 CRF 50- $1,799


  • 2024 KX 85- $4,949
  • 2024 KX 65- $4,249
  • 2024 KLX 110 R- $2,899
  • 2024 KLX 140 R- $3,699


  • 2025 SX 50- $4,949
  • 2025 SX-E2- $2,599


  • 2024 RM 85- $4,499
  • 2024 DRZ 50- $2,599


  • 2024 YZ 85- $4,999
  • 2024 YZ 65- $4,899
  • 2024 TTR 110- $2,449
  • 2024 TTR 50- $1,899
  • 2024 PW 50- $1,849

Buying New vs Used Dirt Bikes

All of the prices above are obviously for brand new dirt bikes. While it is not necessary to buy a brand new bike, there are some advantages. While it will be more expensive, new bikes might bring peace of mind to know it is in brand new condition. Newer bikes are usually easier to find parts for as well. The bike would also have a warranty. Different manufacturers have different policies, so it is important to research before buying. You could also discuss the manufacturer warranty with your dealer before buying. 

If you opt not to buy a brand new dirt bike, it is also possible to find used ones that are in great condition. When buying used, take time to find the right bike for you. You will want to make sure to check it over for any defects or signs of extreme wear. Make sure to take it for a test ride to ensure it runs properly. Another thing to check would be the condition of the plastics. A lot of times, the plastic gets scratched- especially if there are no graphics. Take into consideration that you may have to purchase new plastics to get the bike looking in top shape. Of course, we can help you enhance the look even more by adding graphics!

Used bikes may also already have aftermarket parts added. The cost of aftermarket parts like handlebars and exhaust pipes can also add up quickly, so buying a bike that already has them can be a huge benefit. However, you could of course add those parts to the new bikes as well if you have the budget for it.

Whether you decide to buy new or used, remember that dirt bike racing is an expensive sport and the costs add up quickly. Not only do you have to purchase the dirt bike itself, but you also need a way to haul it, replacement parts and all the safety equipment to go along with it. The cost to race can also be a lot by the time you pay for the entrance fee, race fee and any memberships on top of that. 

Of course, you will also want to purchase graphics to keep your bike standing out in the crowd! Get the most for your money with our high quality dirt bike graphics. They are 21 MIL thick and guaranteed to last. Pick a stock design off the site or create something custom with personal logos, custom colors and endless material options. We can't wait to create something awesome for you!