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5 Video Games about Dirt Bikes to Check Out

5 Video Games about Dirt Bikes to Check Out

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Apr 26th 2023

Need something to do in your free time when you aren't riding dirt bikes? What about virtually riding dirt bikes?! Whether you're injured, the weather isn't right or you just need a break, dirt bike related video games are the perfect alternative for when you can't ride. Keep reading to find out more!

  1. Monster Energy Supercross 6
    1. This game is a realistic version of Supercross. It features the official bikes, riders and courses. Live out your supercross dreams with this game!
    2. You can play this game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and Windows. 
    3. This game costs around $60.
  2. MX vs ATV Legends
    1. In this game, players live the fantasy of becoming a professional racer. There's a couple different ways to play whether it's split screen with someone else or a 16 player online race. Be prepared for all new trails and surprises along the way!
    2. You can play this game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Windows. 
    3. This game costs about $30 to buy.
  3. MXGP Pro
    1. In this game, you can create your rider and start your racing career. There's a training mode with all different types of terrain. It also offers realistic motocross training and much more.
    2. This game is offered for PS4, Xbox One and Windows. 
    3. This is an older game, so the cost is only around $20 depending where you decide to purchase from.
  4. Motocross: Chasing the Dream
    1. This game is another realistic version, but you play as an amateur racer learning the ropes of this sport. There are 3 track to play and realistic bikes.
    2. This game is only available through Windows.
    3. The download cost is $15.
  5. Dirt Bike Insanity
    1.  Experience what it's like to be behind the bars on all different tracks and weather conditions.
    2. This game is only available as a download on Nintendo Switch.
    3. The download cost is $8.

In order to play these games, you'll either need a gaming console or a computer. 

  • PS4
    • Use the link above to find the PS4. It is an older model so it is cheaper, yet harder to come by. You'd most likely be able to find these second hand at places like GameStop or on Facebook Marketplace.
  • PS5
    • The link above takes you to the PS5. This is the newer model gaming system from Sony. It features interactive wireless controllers and fast loading speeds. It should also be available in most stores now.
  • Xbox
    • Xbox is another option for gaming with the dirt bike games we mentioned above. They have a few different consoles available right now.
  • Nintendo Switch
    • The Nintendo Switch is available at the link above. This is a newer concept, versatile gaming system with 3 different playing modes. The different modes are especially fun when playing games with dirt bikes because there are multiple ways to play.
  • Windows

No matter what system or games you decide to go with, you'll surely have fun with dirt bike related video games. More and more games come out every year, so buying a gaming system will provide you with endless fun!