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Other Uses for Off-Road Vehicles

Other Uses for Off-Road Vehicles

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Jan 18th 2023

We're all here on our site for the same reason- the love of dirt bikes,ATVs and UTVs. Our main focus is racing, but there are other uses for off-road vehicles too. Keep reading for more ideas on how to maximize the use of your ride.
Although they create recreational fun by themselves, off-road vehicles like dirt bikes, ATVs and sUTVs can also be used for recreational activities. Bringing your love for recreational vehicles into your other hobbies makes them even more enjoyable and worth the money.
One example would be camping. You could use a side by side to get your people, tent and supplies out to wherever you want to set up your campsite. This would save time and strain on your body. You could also use it to haul wood for your campfire. If you're going to a campground or public area, be sure to check they allow off-road vehicles.
Another recreational activity you could use your vehicle for is hunting. Check out this article to learn which UTVs are best for hunting. Using your side by side or ATV would be helpful for getting to your hunting spot, hauling any gear, and bringing the animal back. Once again, if you're on public property be sure to check the rules first. A downside to using a vehicle for hunting is the amount of noise they create.
Off-road vehicles could also be used for working. Chances are, you've been somewhere where they use a side by side or ATV to help out.
One job that could benefit from an off-road vehicle is farming. You could get around the farm quickly, maximizing the amount of work that can get done. A UTV would be great for hauling things like animal feed and hay. They could also be used for towing, plowing and fertilizing. Read more here about how you could use a UTV on your farm.
Construction sites would be another great use. Once again, a dirt bike, quad or UTV would be efficient for quickly getting from one side of the job site to the other, allowing more work to get done. It would also be safer to be inside a vehicle versus walking through an active construction zone. They could also be helpful for moving materials like traffic cones or signs.
In general, using a UTV or ATV in any large work area would be helpful. Places like college campuses and zoos would benefit from an off-road vehicle for the same reasons. Hauling materials and getting from one place to the other makes the job easier and faster when a vehicle is put into use. 
Dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs are also a great source of transportation in general. While there are specific street legal dirt bikes, some areas also allow you to ride any of these vehicles on the road.
Dirt bikes have street legal versions that are closer to motorcycles. There are a select few bikes that are ready for the road right off the showroom floor. They feature extra parts that regular dirt bikes don't typically have such as headlights and brake lights, mirrors and tires made for pavement. Read more about street legal dirt bikes here
ATVs are not street legal everywhere, but in some cases country settings allow you to ride them. Check with where you live about the laws for riding on the road. Some areas require you to register your vehicle with them. 
However, riding on the road can be dangerous. Usually, there are road signs up warning drivers to watch out for them, but it is best to always remain extra cautious when riding on a road where cars also drive. 
UTVs are the same case as ATVs mentioned above. You may need to add things like a windshield and mirrors to be street legal and comfortable. However, only certain areas will allow this and usually only on certain roads.
Using an off-road vehicle for transportation can be a fun alternative to using a car because you can go straight from work to play. If you live close enough and your area allows, you could ride your dirt bike, ATV or UTV to work. Afterwards, hit the trails on your way home for some excitement. 
While we all love racing dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs, there are other uses for them such as assisting with a camping adventure, making your job easier, or an alternate form of transportation. Get the maximum use out of your machine by using it for as many activities as possible.