Gas Gas Update

Gas Gas Update

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Nov 23rd 2022

We are working every day to make updates to our website. Most recently, we have added Gas Gas bikes as an option. We added kits for the following bikes:

  • Gas Gas MC 50/ MC E-5/ MC E-3
  • Gas Gas MC 65
  • Gas Gas MC 85

The Gas Gas kits are available in our original designs such as: Apache, Merica, Tigre, Tropic and Surge. However, we updated these designs and their colors. They feature a new red swatch we color matched to Gas Gas plastics. Our design Space Kadet got a facelift for these models and now includes red accents and carbon fiber!

As well as updating old designs to pair with the red plastics, we also added new designs to chose from. These include:

  • Brick
    • Brick is a new design that has block type accents. It is available in red as the color option, or you can customize to make it your own
  • Check
    • Check comes in 2 color options- white and red. It features a checkered pattern and clean lines. The colors can be customized on this kit too. SHOWN IN RED
  • Inferno
    • Inferno is a fiery red, orange and black kit with crackle artwork. It is available in red as the color option. You could change the colors here also.
  • Mill
    • Mill is a very clean design with minimal logos. We only included the Gas Gas logo and Senge to keep it simple. Mill comes in red or black, but you could make it your own. SHOWN IN RED
  • Point
    • Point is a mainly black design with red, white and grey jagged accents. This kit has the most unique number plates that will make your rider name and number stand out.
  • Raven
    • Raven's design focuses on lines and minimal colors. It is available in red or black, but as all the others- customizing the colors is an option. SHOWN IN BLACK

Almost all of our designs offer the option to customize colors! You also have the option of adding custom logos. All of this allows you to make your kit one of a kind. Refer to our blog about website updates for more information on how to customize your kit. You can also contact us at or from the contact us page if you need further assistance.  Make sure to send us pictures and use the hashtag #sengegraphics on Instagram to show us your bikes looking great with our graphics!