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Featured Rider: Samantha Peters

Featured Rider: Samantha Peters

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Aug 4th 2021

Samantha Peters #45

This week's featured Senge rider is Samantha Peters from Denver, CO. Samantha is racing Loretta Lynn’s — Women All-Star 16+. Check out the rest of Samantha's answers below.

How long have you been racing?

20 years

How did you get into racing?

My dad bought me my first bike at 3 and that's when it all started. I sat on the couch and watched races with him from start to finish and was glued to the sport.

What are your racing goals?

This year, I want to get top 10 at the Loretta Lynn National. This race is specifically for my dad, he passed away August 8th in 2020 and the main reason I’m on my bike today is because of him. I think in general, any of my races I want to do my best and make it out safe. I am doing it for the love and passion my dad and I had for the sport together. He lived vicariously through me and I owe him this. Right now, I am trying to stay as consistent as possible with my results locally as well. Which is Top 3. 

What is your greatest racing accomplishment?

In 2016, I placed 9th overall at Loretta Lynn's, I placed 5th in a WMC National and I took the overall for Colorado's Women Pro Class.

What are your other hobbies?

I love working out, building things, being outside and taking in the sun, shopping for shoes, having OCD and hanging out with my wiener dog and girlfriend.

Favorite Pre-Race Snack:

gushers and pasta

Favorite Racer:

Ken Roczen

You can follow Samantha on Instagram @samanthapeters_45