Buying a Dirt bike: New or Used?

Buying a Dirt bike: New or Used?

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on Oct 19th 2022

Searching for a new dirt bike can be an exciting but frustrating experience. You'll want to make sure you know what to look for before making a purchase.

Decide on New vs Used

When buying a dirt bike, you will need to decide if you want to buy new or used. The biggest factor in this decision will be the budget. Set a budget before researching so you know what you can afford, keeping in mind that you may want to buy additional parts for your vehicle.

New Dirt Bikes

Buying a new dirt bike will almost always be more expensive than a used one. However, a new bike is likely to have a warranty to help with any problems you may encounter. The bike will also be in great condition off the showroom floor. Newer bikes are typically easier to find parts for as well. 

The downside to buying a new bike is that it will cost more than used. You may also want to add aftermarket parts, which increases the amount of money you'll spend. Many people will change out things like the handlebars and tires to make it more suitable for racing. Keep the extra expenses in mind when making your decision. 

Used Dirt Bikes

Buying a used dirt bike is cheaper but comes with some risks. You will want to make sure the bike is in good condition. Make sure to test ride to ensure it starts and operates smoothly. Check on the condition of the plastics, especially looking for scratches. It is possible a used bike may also have mismatched plastic pieces, which can pose an issue when ordering graphics. If you are unsure if your used bike has all stock plastics, contact us with pictures and we can help.

Ask the seller about aftermarket parts they may have added. The plus side to a used bike is that there may already be better parts added and you won't have to purchase them separately. You may be getting a good deal this way. If you are unsure if you are getting a good deal, ask a fellow racer for their opinion to ensure you get the most for your money.

Find a Bike to Buy

As we all know, shortages have become a problem all around us. There is definitely a shortage of dirt bikes also. It may be difficult to find both new and used bikes. Check with local dealerships, Facebook marketplace, and other sites like Craigslist and Cycle Trader to find new and used dirt bikes. Make sure to take your time and do research before purchasing anything. It may take some time before you come across the perfect bike for you. 

Start by setting a budget, then start your research on buying a new or used dirt bike. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you get the best possible deal!