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3 Steps To Fix Up An Older Dirt Bike

3 Steps To Fix Up An Older Dirt Bike

Posted by Marissa Fajbik on May 31st 2023

Of course you could buy a brand new shiny dirt bike, but that is not always the best option for everyone. Some people don't realize that they could make their older dirt bike look great again with very little effort! Keep reading for tips on bringing your older dirt bike back to life.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance 

The first step to making your older bike seem new is to make sure it is clean and well taken care of. Wash your bike thoroughly after each ride and make sure to get mud out of areas like your wheels and chain. Using a pressure washer is the best way to accomplish this. Spray the bike first to knock off any large areas of mud. Scrub the metal parts of your bike with a brush to loosen any caked on mud. Make sure to only use sponges or soft clean supplies on the plastic to avoid scratches. Next, use a solution of water and a soap of your choice to wash the bike. Many riders choose to use regular dish soap for this step. You'll then rinse the soap off and repeat the last 2 steps if necessary until clean. Cleaning your bike thoroughly helps keep your bike in top shape. You want your parts to stay clean, mud-free and like new.

Check out this video on washing your dirt bike for more instructions on cleaning. 

Maintenance also has a huge role in the appearance and functionality of your dirt bike. If you don't take care of it and keep up with things like the chain and brakes, the parts will deteriorate quickly. 

Make sure to do things like:

  • Lubricate the chain and check tension
  • Clean or change the air filter after every ride
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check or change oil after every ride
  • Inspect all other parts and replace if necessary

Taking the time to clean your bike and check over and replace parts will keep it looking its best and running well!

2. Aftermarket Parts

There are aftermarket parts that can also make your bike look newer or just better in general. 

  • New plastic
    • You could buy new plastic to give your bike an updated, fresh look. It is inevitable that plastic will get scratched over time, so buying a new set can give your dirt bike the shiny new look you want.
  • Restyle Plastics
    • Some people opt for restyled plastics if it is available for their bike. This is when the plastics fit onto an older bike, but make it look like the newer style plastics. This is great for giving your dirt bike an updated look.
  • Seat Covers
    • Seat covers are another way to customize your bike or make it look new again. Covers can also get worn out or torn over the years, so purchasing a new one can help bring your dirt bike that new feeling.

3. Graphics

Lastly, (and most importantly, of course) graphics will complete your update! Adding graphics to your bike creates an overall new look- bonus points if you went for the new set of plastics too.

You have many options when buying our graphics when it comes to materials. Check out our article on graphics options to help decide!

We could also add extra coverage to your graphics with things such as:

  • Rim protectors
  • Handguards
  • Upper fork tube protectors

Buying a new dirt bike isn't always an option for everyone. In fact, some people prefer to have older bikes. Follow these steps to help keep your older dirt bike in top shape and looking its best!